Red Youth is a political organisation for youth of Norway. Our members wants,a society without oppression of any kind. Only through a democratic socialist revolution will we create a more fair and just society. Our organisation was founded in 1963 and we are the youth-organisation of The Party Red.
Our views
We believe that true change comes from below. Only through organizing themselves can the people achieve true freedom. Although the political establishment all across the world has declared that class conflicts belongs in the past. We have seen in the last decade that crisis after crisis the rich takes care of themselves and leave the poor, the working class and the powerless behind. The world is unjust, but the oppression that we face daily is not something natural. Rather it is a consequence of policy made by the powerful against those without power. Thus real change is possible and can happen today.  
We also believe that this change can only happen through solidarity. This solidarity is colourless, genderless and has to operate across borders. Yet we have to accept that in our society people are suppressed through the intersection of gender, sexual orientation, colour and class.We cannot be truly free as long as people are oppressed. Red Youth is a movement based on feminism, anti-racism and socialism.
What do we do?
Red Youth fights daily for a more inclusive school, a more humane immigration policy and the fight against oppressive beauty standards. Although we are active within the established politics in Norway we believe that true change stems from the people. We believe in direct action is as vital for our struggle as through parliamentarian means. In addition we are working with workers issues, international solidarity and to stop climate change.
Do you want to work with us?
Red Youth´s international contacts varies from country to country. We work together with other political organizations across the globe. As the fight for a better world is an international struggle, It’s important to continuously strengthen the bonds between movements and progressive organisations all over the world. We visit international organisations, and we are always open for our international comrades to come and visit our events and arrangements. If your organisation is interested in learning more about Red Youth, visit our events or want us to visit you, you can contact us here:
International leader


Snorre Log Skage
(+47) 45 22 15 93 / snorre[at]sosialisme[dot]no
Or contact the central office:
(+47) 22 98 90 70 / ru[at]sosialisme[dot]no